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If it doesn't challenge you,
it doesn't change you.


your body & mind.

Lift.Box.Cardio is the newest training concept that will get you to your fitness goals! Our 50 minute group workout will target both your upper and lower body. Lift weights to build muscle. Box your way to lean and defined arms. Accelerate fat loss with Cardio intervals.


LIFT: Targeting the chest, back, biceps, triceps, deltoids, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps 

BOX: Tone and define arms, shoulders and abs with our HIIT boxing classes

CARDIO: Master kettle bells, jump ropes and the water rower to burn off extra fat revealing a shredded physique. 

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5 benefits of lifting:

  1. Increased muscle strength & size

  2. Improved Physique aesthetics/appearance

  3. Enhanced metabolism

  4. Improved bone density & joint health

  5. Increased functional fitness & athletic performance

5 benefits of BOXING:

  1. Improved endurance

  2. Increased power and muscle tone

  3. Enhanced coordination and agility

  4. Enhanced mental toughness

  5. Improved self-defense skills

5 benefits of CARDIO:

  1. Improved cardiovascular health

  2. Enhanced weight loss

  3. Improved mental health and stress management

  4. Increased energy levels and overall fitness

  5. Improved sleep quality and duration


The Schedule that fits yours.

With classes 7 days a week and a wide range of training, you could work with us every day, or choose your routine. Our class packs are versatile and work when you want to work. 

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